Root Explorer APK Download For Android Phone [Latest V4.0.5]

Root Explorer APK: Root Explorer is the most advanced file manager app which is only meant for Android devices. This app comes with a whole lot of feature loaded into it. This app has the ability you to access the full file system which includes the intangible data folder.

This app has the capacity to explore your SQLite, database viewer, text editor, create and extract zip files, execute scripts, search files, remount, permission, bookmarks, e-mail, thumbnails, and APK binary XML viewer not only this it comes with more unique and advanced features which help you in exploring your device more efficiently.

Root Explorer Apk works on only those devices which are rooted.The modern technology used in this app makes it very handy and comfortable for the users. There are more than thousands of users who are using this app daily, and the number is increasing daily.

This app is not available in GOOGLE PLAY STORE, unfortunately. There are some of the devices which do not support this app so for those who cannot use this app there is an alternative use of this app that is its APK version. So today in this article I am going to show you how you can use the APK format of this app on your Android device.

Download Root Explorer

Listed below are some of the feature and procedure to use this app.

Root Explorer APK Download For Android Phone:

Steps to Download Root Explorer Apk for Android Device:

1.First, go to your mobiles setting and enable the Unknown source option to download the app as this app is not available in GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

2.Go to Root Explorer home page to download this app.Once you get the app, click on it to start downloading it into your device.

3.After the download gets over the app will automatically start installing in your device.

4 After this procedure ends the root explorer icon will be displayed on your home screen. Click on the icon to start using it.

These were the simple steps to download this app now let’s see some of its features.

Root Explorer Apk Features:

  1. One of the main features of this app is to manage your day to day file it also helps you to maintain your data’s and files.
  2. This app provides you with the facility to copy and paste files from one location to another followed by creating new folders and easy search option. This app is easily compatible with your cloud facility.
  3. This app comes with a tabbed interface which helps you to access your files and folder easily with a clear and simple background.
  4. This app comes with a text editor which helps you in editing your file easily it also has a facility of a build.Prop without installing any other apps.
  5. You can even extract or create ZIP, TAR, GZIP files it also helps you to keep a backup of your file and folder followed by the facility of extracting compressed files.
  6. This app helps you to extract the RAR file without needing any software.
  7. You can open the file with functions by choosing which of the file you want to open with.
  8. This app comes loaded with a permission control which means you can set the read-write the permission when you are copying or editing the system file.
  9. In this app you can check the integrity of the sideloaded app so make sure that they were not tempered.

These were some of the steps and features to use this app.So if you are planning to use this app, then please take a look at the above-listed information about the app it will help you to know more about this app starting from its download procedure to its features. This is one of the most used apps for rooted device which you would have come across till now.